Attending a Hidden Gems Wine Course is about developing an ability to talk about the wines of the Cape with knowledge and passion.

Completing a Hidden Gems Wine Course, you will be able to converse about the industry’s rich history, understand how grapes are transformed into wine and, most importantly, appreciate how this transformation creates and influences the character and style of wine to make it one of the most enjoyable beverages in the world.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Taste wine with confidence
  • Understand wine jargon
  • Buy wine with confidence
  • Most importantly, have fun with with and encourage friends to do so too
Hidden Gems Wine Course On-line consists of 7 parts:

PART I: How to taste wine
PART II: Wines in South Africa
PART III: Viticulture in South Africa
PART IV: Winemaking in South Africa
PART V: The various types of wine
PART VI: Wine appreciation
PART VII: A final wine assessment