For most people, wine is a very intimidating product. The wine industry has portrayed it as being a luxurious and exclusive product, with a lot of formal wine jargon, the most people don’t understand. We, at Hidden Gems, feel that wine is a consumable that should be enjoyed by everyone: whether you are an 18 year old student who is just at the beginning of their wine journey, or a wine collector, or the food lover wanting to understand the uncomplicated process of food and wine pairing and just you, wanting to enjoy and understand the beverage that is in your glass right now. We refer to our educational material as “edutaïning” because that’s what wine should be – FUN!

Our educational material consists of:
  • An on-line wine course directly from our website to anywhere in the world
  • Tertiary courses specifically packaged for the hospitality industry, whether for culinary schools, front of house training, hotel management, restaurant waitrons and wine industry staff training.
  • Corporate tailor-made wine events – blind tastings, blending wine workshops
  • Practical Winemaking courses