Wine consulting
wine consulting

Did you know that over two-thirds of wineries hire consultants to improve the quality of their wine?

The reason is in the spirit of good business. Better wines can be sold at higher prices. A recent study done on 311 Bordeaux wineries over a 10-year period showed that wines made with the help of consultants had higher quality ratings. Over and above that, they maintained consistency with less extreme quality ratings.

The foundation that wine consulting is built on is two-fold. Expertise, gained through education and training, and experience, which is gained by working with clients. There are outstanding wineries that have this talent and knowledge in-house, but the majority of wineries are faced with the choice of ‘to hire or not to hire’.

The quality of a winery’s resource will be a major factor in considering how valuable it will be to hire a consultant.  The above-mentioned study suggests that in the Bordeaux wine industry specifically, the terroir is the main resource. Wineries with low-quality terroir benefit more from the aid of winemaking consultants.

In essence, a consultant is a “knowledge worker”. They create and disseminate knowledge.

So why hire a wine consultant?

Firstly, the decision to hire rests largely on the firm’s strategy. If the strategy includes improving performance, then a consultant is a massive asset.

Secondly, the firm’s resources will determine whether a consultant should be hired. Firms with low-quality resources are in more need of the help of a consultant than others. Consultants will be able to add value by taking advantage of their best practices.

Hidden Gems Consulting

Our 23 years’ experience in the wine industry has earned us knowledge and expertise in the winemaking process. The risks of incorrect completion of wine paperwork can be an expensive burden to bear. Our hourly wine consulting can cover you in multiple areas of the process such as;

  • stock take of bulk and bottled wine
  • completion of all Excise records
  • logistics linked to dry goods, bottling and labelling
  • export documentation for freight forwarders
  • preparation for sawis and excise audits
  • many more